THREE.js Punch Out v1.0
Press Enter to start!
Look below for instructions.
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You vs. The Incredible Bulk!
Press A/D to dodge
Press and hold S to block and reduce incoming damage
Press J/K to body blow
Press U/I to uppercut
You win when your opponent doesn't get up after 10 seconds or is knocked down 3 times.
You lose if either of these happen to you.
Press punch buttons(J/K/U/I) repeatedly to get up after being knocked down
Bulk has a 75% chance to block any attacks when in a neutral state. He gets in a neutral state when the player is hit by one of his attacks, or naturally a little bit after an attack.
Bulk is invincible during all attacks. Unlike regular Punch Out, there is no interrupting his attacks.
Bulk is vulnerable when his attacks are blocked or dodged.
Don't dodge into his punches! His jumping attack cannot be blocked.
Also unlike normal Punch Out, there is no gameplay difference between body blows and uppercuts other than appearance.